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Missourians Ask McCaskill To Take Stand On Micro-Unions

NLRB Rule Harms Job Creation

St. Joseph, MO – The Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs today held an event highlighting the negative impact that micro unions can have on job growth and askied Senator Claire McCaskill to take a stand against them.

In August of 2011, the NLRB created new regulations allowing for the formation of multiple micro-unions within a single company. These regulations allow for numerous unions with varying interests and agendas competing to influence and threaten employees and management.

In a recent decision, the NLRB's Regional Director in New York City approved a micro-union application for employees at the retailer Bergdorf Goodman allowing the formation of separate unions for part-time and full-time employees in the second floor Designer Shoe Department and in the fifth floor Contemporary Shoe Department. These micro-unions could have as few as five members, and their implementation can cause confusion for workers throughout the entire store.

"We need Claire McCaskill to stand with job creators and not Big Labor," said Jason Klindt, State Director of the Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs. "So far Claire has refused to tell her constituents where she stands. Its time she provided an answer to whose side she is on."

"We need common sense rules that apply to employees and management when it comes to forming a union," said Jim Kistler, President of the Association of Builder Contractors Heart of America chapter. "It does not make sense to have multiple, micro-unions in one. I hope that Senator McCaskill will stand with job creators

"Missouri is doing its best to create an environment that helps job creation," said Senator Rob Schaaf. "Unfortunately, the federal government is doing the opposite and handing down rules like micro unions that stop job creation in its tracks."

"We need our federal lawmakers to be on the side of common sense," said Mike Thomson, State Representative. "We need to get rid of micro unions and get back to common sense."

The Senate Appropriations Committee is expected to take up an Amendment this week to repeal the micro union issue. Senator McCaskill has yet to say how she would vote on the issue.

The Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs is an organization committed to protecting jobs in Missouri and standing up for the workers and small businesses in the state that grow the economy and create opportunities.

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