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Claire McCaskill Caught On Video Saying One Thing, While Doing Another

Says Candidates Should Tell Voters Where They Stand, While Refusing To Answer Basic Questions About Big Labor's Job-Killing Agenda

Jefferson City, MO – At a local event recently, Senator Claire McCaskill said on videotape that candidates needed to tell voters where they stand on issues.  In the clip, McCaskill says that “voters have a right to know how you’re going to vote.”  However, McCaskill isn’t practicing what she is preaching and has refused to tell Missourians where she stands on Big Labor’s job-killing agenda.

“Senator McCaskill is right – Missourians should know where she stands and how she will vote,” said Jason Klindt, state director of the Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs (CPMOJ).  “But if she really believes this, why won’t she tell us where stands on micro-unions and other policies advocated by union bosses that are hurting Missouri’s employees and employers?”

Earlier this year, CPMOJ sent a questionnaire to all Missouri candidates seeking federal office.  Unfortunately, Senator McCaskill refused to return her questionnaire, which leaves Missourians wondering where she stands on these critical issues like micro-unions that will cause discord and disharmony in our workplaces.

“Now that Senator McCaskill is on the record as saying the voters should know how she will vote, we are urging the Senator to answer this question: Will you vote to support Missouri’s workers and small business owners by opposing micro-unions, or will you stand with Big Labor losses?”

The Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs is an organization committed to protecting jobs in Missouri and standing up for the workers and small businesses in the state that grow the economy and create opportunities.

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